Our Story

Where We Came From

In 1984, Ronald Reagan was President of the United States and IT systems were comprised of bulky mainframe computers that required fundamental computer programming skills. Fast forward to the third decade of the new millennium and information technology changes at warp speed. What worked a year ago might not work today.

Since 1984, Keytel Systems has helped businesses throughout Central Ohio to adapt to rapid technology changes by offering IT support and consulting services. With a strong record of getting small and medium size businesses up to speed with information technology, we use our considerable experience to create, develop, and maintain the IT infrastructures our clients need to remain highly competitive in their respective operating niches. Our goal has always been to provide enterprise-grade IT infrastructure and implement the most advanced IT practices for our clients.

The Old Way vs. The Keytel Way

Building trust is how we attract and then keep loyal clients for years on end. How do we build the level of trust that attracts and maintains a loyal client base? The answer is by changing the model for how IT services companies operate. Most of our competitors operate on what we call the “break and fix” IT services model. Your technology breaks down, and an IT services company is ready to fix it. The problem with that type of IT support is the companies involved in providing the support charge by the hour. A few weeks after receiving “break and fix” IT services, your business is saddled with a hefty invoice that drains most of your company’s IT budget.

Keytel Systems operates using a different IT services model called “Preventive Maintenance.” Instead of waiting eagerly to earn a substantial profit by fixing things that break, we run frequent diagnostic tests for clients to prevent IT malfunctions. We replace outdated software and act quickly to repair computer hardware that is on the brink of a serious malfunction.

Our way not only ensures your business remains on the right IT track, it also will save you money that your company can use for IT infrastructure projects or for other business-related expenses.

Take advantage of our no-obligation consultation by calling Keytel Systems at (614) 866-7700 or email us to find out how Keytel Systems can help your business. We will conduct a comprehensive audit of your IT infrastructure and managed IT services, as well as ensure your IT system is protected against hackers and malware.