Biggest Reasons We’ve Seen Businesses Look For An IT Partner

Businesses often have specific pain points they need to address, whether large or small. But that doesn’t mean they have to face those challenges alone. Companies look to IT partners for access to the expertise and resources needed to help businesses of any industry or size address a variety of pain points prohibiting growth.

Managing the IT infrastructure and cybersecurity of a business is frequently one of the biggest pain points owners and operators experience. Serving as a trusted partner, IT partners can help not only alleviate these pain points but also empower growth.

  1. Mitigate Risk: It’s expensive to choose the wrong IT vendor, but it’s far more expensive to hire the wrong IT employee. It is far harder to hold your IT team accountable, and far harder it fire employees compared to ending a vendor agreement. Additionally, if an employee has the only “keys to the kingdom,” something happening to that employee is catastrophic. Having an IT partner mitigates that risk as no one individual has complete control.
  • Cost Control and Predictability – Dealing with the costs of running your business’s IT system can be a real headache, and surprise expenses can hit your bottom line hard. The right IT partner will give you clear, predictable fees, so you can manage your budget without worrying about nasty surprises. A good partner also manages the age and life cycle of your hardware so that cost is always predictable.
  • Strength in numbers: You have more people in an agency checking each other’s work, as opposed to one or a few people in a department accountable only to each other. If one person fails in an IT department, they could be fired. If one person in an IT partner fails, the whole company could be fired, so there are multiple layers of accountability.
  • Scalability and Growth – As your business takes off and starts soaring, you’re going to need your tech to keep up. Working with an IT partner allows you to easily scale up or down your resources to keep pace with your business’s growth, and staffing does not become an issue to scale.
  • Limit Downtime – Downtime can disrupt your operations, causing the productivity to pummet, causing a literal loss of revenue for those of you who bill clients hourly, and a domino effect that can includes lost revenue and customer dissatisfaction for every business. IT partners provide proactive maintenance, monitoring, and support to prevent and quickly resolve potential issues.

Taking a collaborative approach allows you to focus on what you do best – growing your business and delivering value to your customers – while leaving the complexities of IT management to the experts. At Keytel, we believe in supporting your business so that you can be successful, regardless of your size or budget. If you feel like it might be time to collaborate with an IT partner, let’s chat.