1.       Open a web browser and go to http://antispam.keytelsystems.com/activate.php

2.       Enter your email address and click Activate


3.       The next screen will show that an email has been sent to you.


4.       You will receive two emails from “Helpdesk@keytelsystems.com – Live Quarantine”

5.       On the first email you must click on the link to verify that you received the email.

6.       On the second email you will receive your temporary password.

7.       Go to http://antispam.keytelsystems.com and login using your email address you just registered and the temporary password given to you in the email.

8.       The system will now require you to change your password as shown below.


9.       You will then be directed to your preferences page.

a.       Here you will enter any secondary emails you have so that all of the spam will be in one quarantine.

b.      Select Enabled for the Daily Digest

c.       Select HTML for the Email Format

d.      Click Update

e.      Do not use the RSS feature

10.   Your Preferences page should now look similar to the one below.


11.   Click on the Quarantine tab at the top of the page. This will display your  list of quarantined messages. From here you can select messages and chose either Deliver or Delete at the bottom of the page.


12.   To login in the future just go to http://antispam.keytelsystems.com to access your quarantine.